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Lincoln Conservation District offers to property owners within Lincoln County the opportunity to purchase trees and shrubs for conservation planting.  Tree and shrub order packets will be available in September 2022 for delivery in April 2023.  Please contact our office for an order packet. Tree and shrub orders will be delivered to the Lincoln Conservation District on approximately April 22, 2023.  Purchasers will be contacted prior to delivery and be notified when orders will be available for pick-up.

Inventory lists are available from the Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery and Lincoln Oakes Nursery, Bismarck, North Dakota.  If you are purchasing for re-foresting land or stream bank restoration, we recommend purchasing from Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery (seed sources native to Montana).  The Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery will require an approved Conservation Planting Plan through the Conservation District.

Orders will be placed to the Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery as they are received.  Lincoln Oakes Nursery requires a minimum $200.00 order from Lincoln Conservation District.  Once the collective orders equal the $200.00, we will place our order.  Thereafter, orders will be placed as they are received.  Trees and shrubs are subject to availability.

The Russian Olive is now listed as a “Regulated” plant in the state of Montana which means it cannot be intentionally spread or sold.

Plants are bareroot unless otherwise indicated in the inventory list.  Trees and shrubs are sold in bundles and/or minimum quantities.  For example, if the species you select only comes in a bundle of 25, then you must purchase the entire bundle.  Trees and shrubs are offered based on merits of conservation plantings only.  No consideration is given to ornamental quality.

We ask that you place your order at the District Office so that we may verify availability prior to submitting your order to the nursery.  There is a 30% shipping and handling charge added to the sub-total of the order.   Thank you.

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