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May 2020 Meetings

05-05-20 LCD Special Meeting Agenda

2023 Permissive Medical Mil Levy Calculation

2022 Permissive Medical Mil Levy Group Benefits

05-17-22 LCD Permissive Medical Mil Levy Public Hearing

05-17-22 LCD Monthly Meeting

04.22 LCD Minutes

05.05.22 LCD Special Meeting Minutes

05-01-22, Rehl, Flower Creek

05-02-22, Baffa, Bobtail

05-02-22, Baffa, Bobtail Paperwork

05-02-22, Baffa, Bobtail 2

05-03-22, Yaak Valley Forest Council, Yaak River

MACD Invoice

MWCC Membership

Permissive Medical Mil Levy

2023 Preliminary Budget

Best Management Practices

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Lincoln CD is Hiring a District AdministratorPosition Background

Lincoln Conservation District (LCD) is hiring a new District Administrator (DA) to further the soil and water conservation mission of the LCD, the DA oversees all daily operations of the district and provides administration, communication, and technical support to the Board of Supervisors. Remote options available.