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Mud Creek Restoration Request for Proposals

RFP CLOSED as of January 25, 2018.

The Lincoln Conservation District is seeking proposals for a project manager to assist LCD in the completion of a stream restoration project near Eureka, Montana.  Proposals are due to the District Office no later than January, 18th at 3:00 p.m.  Late proposals will not be accepted.

The following items will provide the necessary information to submit the RFP.  Use any forms provided.

MC319-001 RFP

FY17_319_Grant Application

DEQ Attachment A of Contract #217008


Mud Creek Alternate Site Plan

Mud Creek Alternative Site Plan ArielMC319-001 Attachment D Construction

Kootenia River Network RFP Fish Barrier

MC319-001 Attachment A Question and Answer Addendum

MC319-001 Attachment B Cost Sheet 319 Grant

MC319-001 Attachment C MT Prevailing Wage for Non Construction

MC319-001 Attachment C MT Prevailing Wage for Heavy Construction


MC319-001 Attachment D Contract

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